The production company A B I has been established in the year 1996, at the time when the first steps of the market economy started.
With quality and intensity in our work, the company today has a strong image all around the Kosovo market and broadly in the region.
Since the day of founding, the activity of our company was the importing of various goods and food products.



Today our main activity is production of milk products. With a professional team, quality equipment and buildings that our company has at its disposal and through a tradition high caliber work, ABI aims at continuing to produce a high quality product and increasing the variety of milk products, which will led to the winning of new markets.

Situated in F.I. ABI & Elif 19 property, the private industrial building of A B I diary company fulfils all conditions for quality processing and production




ABI Company  contacts
Director:                 + 381 (0)29 42 486
Factory :             + 381 (0)29 22 356
Wholesale trade : + 381 (0)29 42 282
Retail trade :          + 377 (0)44 126 766
Services :            + 377 (0)44 124 522


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